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corporate gifts irelandBranded corporate gifts and promotional products are items handed out by management to clients and employees. Gifts can be given as rewards for employees and clients for their relationship with the company especially if it has been a long time. For your oldest and best clients it may be a good idea to consider getting personalised corporate gifts for added recognition.

You might wonder what the attraction is with promotional corporate gifts? The word 'free'. Despite people saying they don’t fall for it, the majority of customers love to see items that say free and are more inclined to take them. This, in the long run, is a great investment as the gifts themselves are walking advertisements. Promotional pens, pencils, key rings are some great cheap corporate gift ideas. If you are an Irish company and are considering how you are going to market your business - think of corporate gifts Ireland.

Benefits of Promotional Corporate Gifts

Here are just some of the benefits Axis Corporate Gifts Ireland can bring to your business.

Increase brand awareness
Corporate gifts with your logo will be the most effective and successful in getting your name out there. If the customer has to put in extra effort by searching the internet then they just won’t bother. Corporate gifts that the customer can use daily will keep you in their mind subconsciously. Promotional gifts for clients encourages loyalty, they know your company appreciates them. Customers who receive a corporate gift tend to spend more on products or services from the company that gave it because they are in their minds when searching for a particular service.

Stand out at trade shows
Plenty of potential customers will walk by your booth. However, besides providing basic information on signs to these potential clients, nothing is really exchanged. It’s not surprising if they don't contact you. They have no item that can make them remember your company brand or image. A small gift will attract customers to make a connection and communicate with your business.

Save money
As any business owner knows, marketing can be VERY expensive. Smaller businesses may not be able to afford such high prices so they need to be as resourceful as possible. The main concern is what items will give you the most “bang for your buck.” Corporate gifts are one of the most cost-effective ways to market and promote your company. With such small price tags but the possibility of a large return on investment – it's a no brainer to shop with Axis Corporate Gifts Ireland.

corporate gifts irelandAlternative to business cards
In relation to business connections, promotional gifts for business are a great idea. Business cards will always be invaluable to an individual but companies have begun branching out in their marketing B2B strategies.  Tangible, good quality executive gifts that are used daily in an office will leave a lasting impression. Potential connections will appreciate the gift. You can also leave the traditional card with them giving them two good reasons to look at your information. In the business world, promotional executive gifts can go a long way.

Improve company morale
Promotional employee gifts will make your staff feel that bit more important. An employee has a better attitude and works better if they are acknowledged, respected and rewarded – the gift is just a bonus marking their importance to the company. Even the higher up members in the company like ‘free’ corporate gifts. Employees tend to work that bit harder if they are to be rewarded - you know it's true!

The advantages to marketing your company in this way are too good to miss out on. Axis Corporate Gifts Ireland are here to assist you in any way we can, regardless of company size and budget. Need promotional gift ideas? If you're looking for corporate gifts Ireland then look no further than Axis - so get shopping today!

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