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Promotional Gifts - A Combination of Brand Recognition & Customer Loyalty

One of the best ways a company can choose to advertise on a broad, effective and cost efficient way is by using promotional gifts. A promotional gift is simply just branded merchandise,a product with the companies name and logo on it. Lots of research and studies into marketing strategies and consumer behaviour show that customers who receive a promotional gift or some form of branded merchandise are more likely to refer that company or brand to other people, more so than consumers that do not receive anything from a company. If the product is useful such as a pen, a diary or mug the customer is sure to use it again and again. Because of this they will remember your brand each time they use it. When a company decides that they are going to use promotional gifts for marketing purposes they should carefully think about what they choose, will it have a positive, long lasting effect on your company once the customer accepts the gift.

When deciding to go ahead with a campaign where you will be giving out promotional gifts to loyal or first time customers, you must ensure that you are going to select a product that will mean you achieve the best results from handing the gift out. There is a number of ways that you can measure how successful the campaign will be by following a few very simple rules. Select a product that when received will be deemed useful and, if useful will the product be seen by other people when in use i.e. creating brand awareness. 

Promotional Gifts - Brand Recognition Or Customer LoyaltyPromotional Gifts - Branded Mugs

Are you trying to get brand recognition or, are you actually rewarding your customers with a gift for their continued support to your business? Many companies hand out promotional gifts for both reasons you want to create brand awareness but, at the same time reward your loyal customer base. If you are limited to the amount of gifts you have to hand out be sure to be selective as to who will receive the gifts, think about maximising the exposure of your brand name or logo. Give the gifts or products to people that you know will use them regularly.

People always like a giveaway, the thoughts of getting something for free can sometimes mean that people see it as a more precious and meaningful item. They see it as being rewarded for something they have done or achieved. You want to make sure however that the customer has genuine interest in your product, but how is this done?

Firstly and the most important thing is to give your customer something that they will use, ensuring at the same time it is well branded. Secondly you should ensure that they feel they have done something to constitute them receiving the gift. This is where you offer it to them as a reward for their loyal custom or, for spending a certain amount on any one purchase. Then the customer feels that they have done something in order for them to receive the promotional gifts. Before you have done all of this you must make sure that the customer or client is receiving a promotional gift that is durable. If the promotional gift is of use to them they will keep it safe. This means it will be long lasting, each time they make use of it they will be reminded of your product or brand. The promotional gift has done its job, it has created brand recognition for the company.

Have A Budget!

When you decide to get personalised promotional gifts they don’t need to be expensive. If you want items that will be useful to the client or customer you are presenting them to, and have a budget don’t worry. For example pens, diaries and notepads can be very cheap as can mugs or travel mugs, Personalised promotional Gifts - Promotional Clothing. These products are extremely useful however as they will be used very regularly by the customer, this means that your brand will be noticed every time any of these items are used. These promotional gifts can also be intertwined with a current offer or special occasion such as, your company’s birthday or maybe holidays such as Christmas and New Year.

Other ways you can use promotional gifts for events or occasions is by offering free entry to an event or conference. Present people with a t-shirt or cap at an earlier date, inform them that if they wear them it will grant them free entry to the event. Not many people may take up this offer but, it will mean that the people that do take it up will be walking around doing some free advertising for you at the event. This is just how some companies utilise there promotional gifts. The person receiving the promotional gift will also seem extremely grateful for what they have got, a free item of clothing and entry to an event they wanted to attend anyway. Other ways you could use a promotional gift like a hat or t-shirt is to hand them out at the event, tell people if they wear them after the conference they will receive free entry to a party or show that is invite only.

Always Plan Ahead

If you carefully plan what exactly you wish to do with your promotional gifts they can be seen as one of the most effective methods of advertising and marketing. Many people use different strategies and methods to get the most from their promotional gifts. You want to satisfy the customer but at the same time maximise brand awareness. Sometimes the best thing to do is to try and think outside the box, come up with something new. If you’re innovative and creative with the promotional gifts you choose and the method you choose to give them to customers, you will be remembered every time your product is resurrected. Using promotional gifts to advertise your business is very effective and, it is worthwhile putting a certain amount of your advertising budget aside each year specifically for promotional gifts. Here at Axis Corporate Gifts we have a large portfolio of gifts that will be ideal for any occasion, event or promotional opportunity you need them for. So contact us today and talk to one of our experienced customer service representatives about what you are doing and we will point you in the right direction.

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