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Increase brand awareness with promotional products

Promotional products such as promotional pens, mugs, t-shirts and caps can easily increase your company or brand names exposure to a greater audience, in turn boosting sales. Promotional merchandise can also show your gratitude to customers and clients by, giving them back something meaningful. This will most likely bring the customers back to you time and time again.

One of the hardest things to do when choosing a promotional product that you will give to customers and clients is knowing how to choose the right product. Promotional materials such as pens are always good as people will carry them around in a bag or their pockets. Travel coffee mugs also work exceptionally well, if used on a commute such as the train or bus, your brand name will be exposed to a large audience. Other promotional items that work very well are tote bags or USB drives as they are useful and very commonly used.

Some promotional products ideasPromotional Products

There are two main reasons for using promotional products for your company. The first reason is to get more exposure for your company or brand as it will be seen by a wider audience. Secondly is to show customers that you appreciate their custom and want to reward them with something.

Take a hardware store for example, the amount of different promotional products that they can use is huge. For example, if a customer spends a certain amount or purchases a certain quantity of paint they could be rewarded with a wooden stirrer with the company logo and name on the handle. Or if they spend a certain amount they can be rewarded with a promotional giveaway items which may include a measuring tape or multi-functional screw driver with the logo and company name on the handle. If you cut keys, a key ring is always a nice bonus when someone gets new keys cut. If you’re aiming to get big contractors from the building trade, you can reward company reps with tool kits, flash lamps and torches, new overalls or pads for knees and elbows.

Calendars are excellent promotional products as people will put them up in the kitchen or home office and will be constantly reminded of your company or brand. What some companies choose to do is add a different promotion or voucher to each month, encouraging people to come back time and time again. This is a very useful method of getting customers regularly into your shop and will encourage them to make a purchase on each visit.

Many communities have many organisations and clubs that must fundraise for themselves. Many of these clubs and societies usually receive no government funding whatsoever. There may be a community bus to bring pensioners shopping or assist disabled people within the community, this will usually be run by volunteers that fundraise and run the service. A hardware store can sponsor this bus by providing them with a toolkit and in turn getting their company name on the side of the bus. With promotional products, the possibilities really are endless.

Using promotional products in a rewards system

Promotional ProductsWith promotional products there are many ways of offering incentives to entice customers to spend money in your store. You may offer a loyalty system where they get rewarded with gifts and discounts through points they may have accumulated on their loyalty cards. You can also offer clients certain gifts if they come in at certain times. Promotional products can be anything, such as, golf balls, tool sets, bike repair kits, USB flash drives and even holiday or hotel vouchers. All of these items would be seen as premium promotional products.

If you are considering using promotional products as part of your marketing strategy, just be sure that the gift you intend on presenting customers with is useful. Pens, cups, t-shirts and promotional gifts all have relevance in everyday life. Sometimes you have to think outside the box in order to find the right promotional gifts that will not just reflect your companies image but something that customers will always find useful.

Whatever your needs for promotional products and branded merchandise, we've got you covered. Call Axis Corporate Gifts Ireland now and see what we can do for you!

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